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Proposals & Bids

sewer pipes

Boston Water and Sewer Commission (BWSC) contracts for a wide variety of goods and services as well as for construction. Contractors, vendors and professional companies wishing to do business with BWSC should use this section to view requirements for submitting bid documents and for viewing the current list of projects.

Bid Requirements

The procedures and processes necessary to submit bid documents to BWSC. The general bid requirements outline what is needed for all bid documents and are followed by requirements for an Invitation for Bids (IFBs) and Request for Proposals (RFPs). IFBs are further divided into three sections: Goods and non-Professional Services, Operation Projects, and Construction Projects. RFPs are mainly used to retain professional services.

Invitation for Bids

A listing of BWSCs current IFB projects, separated by Goods and non-Professional Services, Operation Projects, and Construction Projects. This page will provide vendors and contractors with the contract number, description, bid date, etc.

Request for Proposals

Consulting organizations, engineering firms and other professional companies can view BWSCs current listing of RFPs. This page will provide the contract number, description, bid date and time.

Bidders List

A listing of bidders who obtain bid documents from BWSCs Director of Procurement for construction projects.

Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises

BWSC is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer. BWSC recognizes the importance of successful Affirmative Action Programs for the continued growth and vitality of the City of Boston. This page describes the goals for Professional Services and Construction Services. Certified minority and women-owned business enterprises are encouraged to respond.