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A hose that does not have a shut-off nozzle can waste up to 10 gallons per minute.

Account Reactivation

To determine how long a water service has been inactive, the property owner must first contact Boston Water and Sewer Commission’s (BWSC) Customer Service Department at 617-989-7800.

If BWSC confirms that the property’s water service has been inactive for less than 12 months, visit our Water Service Restoration page for instructions to reactivate the service and the account.

If BWSC determines that the property’s water service has been inactive for 12 months or more, the owner must comply with the following requirements as well as any other requirements deemed necessary:

  • Inspect all water, sewer and storm drain connections. These connections must be current with BWSC’s standards and specifications.
  • Submit in writing to BWSC a request for the restoration of the water service.
  • Pay off any outstanding balance or fees on your account.
  • Instruct BWSC to analyze the material composition of the water service to ensure it is copper. If the material is lead, the owner will need to relay with copper pipe before service is restored. This work must be performed by a bonded and licensed contractor. A list is available at the BWSC office at 980 Harrison Avenue, Boston.
  • Submit a video inspection (colored and narrated) of the inside of the sewer lateral from building cleanout to BWSC’s sewer main. If the sewer line needs repair, it must be completed before water service is restored. This work must be performed by an insured and licensed contractor.
  • Submit a copy of Building and Occupancy Permit
  • Submit a photo of front elevation of building taken at time of sewer video
  • Must present video, permits and photograph at time of filing GSA to reactivate account
  • Complete a General Service Application (GSA) and all supporting documents as well as the $259.00 application fee.

Once the above has been completed and approved, please make an appointment with BWSC’s Customer Service Department (617-989-7800) to install a water meter and Meter Transmission Unit (MTU).

If you have any questions on the above procedures, please contact BWSC’s Engineering Customer Services at 617-989-7600.