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Insulating pipes in unheated spaces, like the basement, can reduce your wait time for warm water during the cold months.

Doing Business

This section provides information, guidelines and resources that cover all aspects of doing business with the Commission from submitting proposals and bids for vendors to applying for permits and preparing construction specifications for contractors.

Proposals and Bids

The Proposals and Bids section outlines specific bid requirements for submitting an Invitation for Bids and a Request for Proposals. This section is designed to assist contractors, vendors and professional companies wishing to do business with BWSC. You can also view a current list of IFBs and RFPs. A bidders list is also available. And finally, BWSCs policy for the utilization of Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) and Womens Business Enterprises (WBEs) can be found here.

New Construction

BWSC has developed and prepared a number of documents, guidelines and forms that are necessary to initiate and complete a project. Whether you are a developer, builder, architect, engineer or homeowner, you will need to familiarize yourself with these documents before you start your project. BWSC maintains an archive of historical and contemporary maps, connection cards, record plans, takings, easements and other detailed information to help you successfully plan, research and complete your project.

When planning for connection repairs, account reactivation or demolition, you will need to complete and submit a General Service Application (GSA) with all supporting documents to BWSC before any repair work can proceed.

BWSC approval for new construction projects or renovation involves a two-step process. The first is the submission of the Site Plan with all supporting documents, drawings, permits, etc. Once the Site Plan is approved, the second step involves the establishment of a new account (if appropriate) and the completion and filing of a General Service Application (GSA).

Required supporting documents will depend on the work you are planning. This section outlines these various documents. If you need to review any of BWSCs regulations, please visit the Regulations page.


Your project may also require permits. BWSC works closely with federal, state other city agencies and departments to maintain continuity for projects seeking permit approval within the City. In many situations, BWSCs site plan approval is a prerequisite for future city permitting. This section details the procedures and costs for the following permits:

When planning any excavation, a Water/Sewer Mark-out Request form must be completed, which includes the Dig Safe Permit Number.