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Every year during the first full week of May, Americans across the country join together to celebrate water, our most precious natural resource, during National Drinking Water Week.


After the site plan is approved and signed by the Chief Engineer, or his designee, a General Service Application (GSA) must be completed by the owner of the property, or the owner's agent, prior to the initiation of the approved work. A prerequisite for filing a GSA with BWSC for new construction is the Rough Construction Sign-Off document from the City of Boston's Inspectional Services Department. A deposit based on the size of the water service or fire pipe connection and sewer and drain connections must accompany the GSA submission. Upon receipt of the appropriate deposit, BWSC will establish a water and sewer account and assign an account number to the property. An inspection fee will be charged for each water and sewer connection. Twenty-four (24) hours advanced notice is required for inspection scheduling. If any inspection date is scheduled on weekends, holidays or after regular work hours, an additional inspection fee will be charged. Also, if the contractor fails to notify the BWSC inspectors of a cancellation in advance, an additional inspection fee will be charged to the contractor when the job is subsequently rescheduled.

All construction work performed on BWSC systems or construction work performed on systems whose ownership may be transferred to the BWSC must be inspected by a BWSC Construction Inspector at the developer's expense. The contractor will be charged the current BWSC rate per diem based upon estimated work days through the completion of the project. The Manager of Engineering Services will make this determination. These payments shall be made through the Engineering Services Department. Upon completion of the work a refund or an additional bill will be issued based upon actual working days. The contractor must notify, in writing, the Director of the BWSC Construction Division, seven (7) days prior to the beginning of construction. This will allow BWSC sufficient time to schedule field inspection.