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Approximately 180 gallons of water is treated for each person in the US every day.

Connection Repairs

If you are required to perform a water, sewer, storm drain or fire pipe connection repair to the Boston Water and Sewer Commissionís (BWSC) system, you will need to complete a General Service Application (GSA) before any work can proceed. In addition to the GSA, and depending on the complexity of the repairs, BWSC may require plans and other necessary supporting documents. All work must be performed by a licensed and bonded contractor. (A list is on file at BWSC offices, 980 Harrison Avenue, Boston.)

In most cases, a Street Opening Permit will need to be obtained from the City of Bostonís Public Works Department and as well as a Traffic Management Plan submitted to the Transportation Department. Both of these departments are located at One City Hall Plaza, Boston.

BWSC has several programs that assist property owners with their repairs who have active accounts and meet specific requirements such as the Leak Up to Owner, the Sewer Lateral Financial Assistance Program and the Lead Replacement Incentive Program. For additional information, please contact BWSCís Engineering Customer Services at 617-989-7600.