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After a snow storm, you should shovel the snow away from fire hydrants in front of your home or business. This will greatly help the Fire Department in the event of an emergency, when response time is crucial.

Activity Books

Below is a listing of activity books that are available to Boston school teachers. You may down load some of these books, but all are available by calling BWSC’s Community Services Department at 617-989-7000.


Water Fun for You (K-1)

Coloring and activity book perfect for young children. Activities include puzzles, word search, and connect the dots.

Splash Activity Book (K-3)

Water related coloring pages and stimulating word and number games.

Our World of Water Activity Book (3-5)

Teach children about the importance of water to our plant. Colorful word games and puzzles make understanding water science a breeze.

The Story of Drinking Water (6-8)

Learn facts about water, the water cycle, and water sources. Definitions and diagrams help to explain the water treatment and water distribution process. Electronic version is available with interactive activities online.

Wastewater & Stormwater

Dwayne the Storm Drain (K-12)

A coloring and activity book about the storm sewer systems. Lessons include how to identify storm drains, how they work, and how they affect the environment.

What You Should Know about Storm Drains

Teaches children pollution prevention and the path of the storm drains and where stormwater ends up.