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Major storms can cause overland flooding and sewage backups into homes and businesses in low-lying areas. Although overland flooding can not always be prevented, sewage backups can be avoided if your property is properly equipped with a backwater valve.


It’s never too early or too late to start learning about water, our most precious natural resource. The Boston Water and Sewer Commission (BWSC) is committed to protecting and conserving this resource by promoting awareness of water issues. In addition, BWSC is also concerned with preventing pollution of the environment. You can play a key role in helping to educate yourself and others by taking advantage of the following educational resources or programs. This section provides assistance to young people, parents and teachers to work together for a better environment.

Kids Corner

This section provides both fun and educational activities for children of all ages and their parents and teachers. It contains a number of downloadable coloring pages, puzzles, water facts and other fun things.

Storm Drain Marking

Working with young people in schools as well as with neighborhood groups, BWSC’s Storm Drain Stenciling Program is designed to inform people that much of what is dumped onto our streets ends up in our rivers, beaches and harbor. Find out what “don’t dump, drains to . . . “ really means and how you can get involved.

Educational Resources

This section contains a listing of activity books and resources available to Boston school teachers for grades K-12. In addition, BWSC maintains a modest listing of books on water and wastewater issues.