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Did You Know?

Gargoyles found on old buildings were originally used as fancy cover-ups for downspouts.

Water Theft

The Boston Water and Sewer Commission (BWSC) is committed to providing high quality water and sewer services at the lowest possible cost to its customers. Water theft can compromise this commitment.

Theft of water by tampering with or bypassing water meters not only costs BWSC thousands of dollars a year, but also imposes costs on each and every paying customer. Water theft is a serious offense and can result in significant fines as well as criminal or civil prosecution by BWSC.

To address this illegal activity, BWSC has a Revenue Protection Division dedicated to locating and eliminating water theft. Customer assistance in locating illegal connections is always appreciated and encouraged. Tenants of apartment houses or buildings are also encouraged to report any signs of water theft.

The following conditions may cause BWSC to be suspicious of water theft:

  • meter readings that are lower than previous readings;
  • low consumption based on knowledge of average water consumption;
  • refusal of access into a property for BWSC employees to inspect water meter or water service.

Water theft has a negative effect on all BWSC customers. If you are aware of water theft taking place in a property, or are suspicious that water theft may be occurring, please contact: BWSC Revenue Protection Department at 617-989-7000.

Remember: We all pay for water theft!