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Fenway Water, Sewer and Drainage Project



The Boston Water and Sewer Commission's project involves replacement of water mains and the replacement and rehabilitation of sewerage and drainage pipes on various streets in the Fenway. The planned project intends to improve the water distribution system and upgrade aging sewerage and drainage systems in the Fenway.

Project Updates

No Project Updates at this time.

Scope of Work (Contract No. 16-308-004)

Replacement of 3,600' of water main, 650' of storm drain, and rehabilitation of 2,050' of sewers and drains on Fenway from Brookline Avenue to Forsyth Way

  • Installation and maintenance of water main bypass during the construction process
  • Replacement 3,600 feet of 1905 12" water main
  • Replacement of 9 hydrants
  • Replacement 650 feet of 24" Storm Drains
  • Rehabilitation 1,000 feet of 12" sanitary sewer structural liner
  • Rehabilitation 700 feet of 45" storm drain structural liner
  • Rehabilitation 350 feet of 36" storm drain structural liner

Upcoming Work

April 2017 - Brookline Avenue to Palace Road

  • Subcontractor CCTV cleaning and inspection of sanitary sewer and storm drain
  • 24" storm drain replacement

May 2017- Forsyth Way and Museum of Fine Arts

  • Temporary water bypass investigations
  • 12" water main replacement

Overall Schedule

  • Proposed Start Date: April 3, 2017
  • Projected Completion Date: July, 2018
  • (Winter Moratorium from Thanksgiving to April. Work on Park Drive to Commence Fall 2017/Spring 2018)

Anticipated Impacts

The anticipated impacts include water service interruptions, noise, traffic and parking modifications, rodent activity, dust and general construction impacts. The contractor will be required to minimize impacts to the extent feasible.

Surface Restoration

Temporary restoration of roadways, sidewalks and other areas disturbed by construction will be completed under this contract. Permanent restoration will occur under a separate paving contract.

Project Coordination and Contruction Activity

The Commission is committed to working closely with the Mayor's Office: elected officials; Boston Public Works Department (BPWD), Boston Transportation Department (BTD), and other City departments; other public and private utility companies; state and federal regulatory agencies; and, most importantly, with abutters to ensure the project is successfully completed. Effective coordination will also help mitigate many short-term construction related impacts that may be associated with the project.

Community Relations Program

The Commission is committed to a proactive community relations program during construction of this project. The program is designed to keep residents, businesses and elected officials informed about the project by holding public meetings, placing notices in local newspapers and posting updates on the project webpage, which will be available on the Commission's website at: BWSC

Before construction begins on a section of the street, a notice will be sent in the mail. The contractor is required to provide 48-hour notice to abutters for any anticipated water interruptions. Advisories and periodic updates and notices will be distributed to the project email list and on the Commission's website. Project staff will meet periodically with residents, businesses, civic groups, and elected officials to provide updates, as requested or appropriate.

Commission staff will work closely with affected abutters regarding issues such as pedestrian and vehicular traffic management, access to residences and business establishments, and maintaining access for deliveries and trash removal. The Commission will coordinate access and water interruptions with individual businesses and property owners/managers affected by any water main replacements.

During construction hours, a full-time Inspector will be onsite. To ensure a timely response, any concerns or questions should be addressed to field personnel. Contact the BWSC Inspector onsite or at the phone numbers listed in the Project Contacts box to the right.


For further information on the project or to be added to the mailing list, please contact:

Boston Water and Sewer Commission - 617-989-7000

Irene McSweeney, Director of Construction, 617-989-7447

Robert da Silva, Project Engineer, 617-989-7453

Ron Salaam, Inspector

Dolores Randolph - Deputy Director of Communications, 617-989-7360

If you have questions or concerns about construction, please contact:

Project Field Office:

Victor Pacella, 617-504-0315(c), 781-821-1469(o)


RJV Construction.

In an emergency, contact BWSC's 24-hour, 7-day a week number at 617-989-7000.