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Pet waste, pet care products and other pollutants left on the streets and grasslands can be washed into the storm drains that flow to waterways. Dog owners citywide can help prevent contamination of beaches and parklands from dog waste by picking up after their dog.

Consent Decree

Charles River Harbor

Following two years of negotiations with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Department of Justice, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP)and the Conservation Law Foundation, Boston Water and Sewer Commission filed a consent decree settlement in 2012 that is enhancing the ongoing efforts of the Commission to clean and revitalize Boston Harbor and its tributaries, including the Charles, Neponset, and Mystic Rivers, through increased stormwater management.

The Consent Decree offers an unprecedented opportunity for the Commission to increase its role as an environmental steward for Bostonís waterways. The Commission is committed to meeting and surpassing the benchmarks outlined in the Consent Decree. To fulfill this commitment, the Commission has begun to implement both short-term and long-term measures that are designed to improve water quality, increase public awareness, and protect the environment.

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