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Of all the Earth’s water, 97% is salt water found in oceans and seas.

Standard Details

The following represent the most commonly used standard details for water and wastewater projects by the Boston Water and Sewer Commission. Other non-standard details are available upon request through the Engineering Department. The user should be aware that the Commission updates its standard details on a regular basis.

Number Description View Download
A-01 Typical thrust restraint details pdf icon
A-03 Typical connection to existing fitting pdf icon
A-04 Typical Connection to Exist Fitting for C+CL Project pdf icon
A-05 Typical trench detail of water main in firm ground pdf icon
A-06 Typical trench detail of water main in ledge pdf icon
A-07a Typical fire hydrant connection for high or low service line pdf icon
A-07d Typical fire hydrant connection for high pressure pdf icon
A-08 New offset water main pdf icon
A-09 Typical water pipe connection with tapping sleeve and gate valve pdf icon
A-10 Typical water connection for 3/4" and 1" service pipes pdf icon
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