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Insulating pipes in unheated spaces, like the basement, can reduce your wait time for warm water during the cold months.


pamphlets fanned outAs part of our effort to provide excellent customer service, BWSC offers a number of programs that can assist you. This section contains program brochures that you can download. Below is a brief description of each program as well as a link to the brochure.

In addition, this section also contains BWSC’s customer newsletter, Currents, which is a bimonthly publication that provides information on construction projects, conservation tips, seasonal notices, etc. Currents also lists the location and times of Neighborhood Site Visits, when a BWSC representative is in your community to assist you.

  • Leak Up To Owner

    When a water pipe on private property begins to leak, it is very important that it be fixed promptly and correctly as it can be destructive, expensive and pose a health risk. Under this program, eligible residential property owners can contract with BWSC to have a service leak on their property repaired at a reasonable cost and the cost can be repaid either in a lump sum or in twelve equal installments (interest free) incorporated into their water bills. Find out more.

  • Lead Replacement

    This program was created to encourage Boston’s homeowners to replace the private lead water service at their property. While private water service connections are the responsibility of the owner, BWSC has developed this voluntary program as an incentive to remove the lead from water services in homes. Financial assistance in the form of a credit up to $2,000 towards the cost of replacement and the ability to pay over a 48-month period is available to eligible homeowners. See if you are eligible.

  • Sewer Abatement

    If you have an in-ground irrigation system or a water-cooled air conditioning system, which does not enter BWSC’s sewer system, you may be eligible for a sewer credit for the amount of water registered on the “abatement meter.”

  • Sewer Lateral Financial Assistance Program

    BWSC may be able to provide financial assistance (of up to $4,000) for a completely broken or blocked sewer lateral that requires excavation in the public way to repair. The sewer lateral, which is the responsibility of the property owner, is the pipe that connects a building to the main sewer pipe or storm drain in the street.

  • Downspout Disconnection

    Downspouts, or roof leaders, that discharge stormwater from building roofs into sanitary sewers are a violation of BWSC's Sewer Use Regulations and must be disconnected. The stormwater takes up capacity in the sewer pipes causing combined sewer overflows that harm water quality in local water bodies, in this case Reserved Channel and, ultimately, Boston Harbor. Treating stormwater, at MWRA's Deer Island Treatment Plant is unnecessary and creates an additional expense for ratepayers. Customers can choose to have BWSC's licensed contractor disconnect their downspouts at no charge, or they can hire their own licensed plumber to do the work at their own expense.

  • Commercial Kitchen Grease Trap Guidelines

    BWSC’s regulations require properly installed and maintained grease traps in all restaurants and food establishments. Properly maintained grease traps help prevent unwanted grease build-up in the sewer lines. Download this brochure for information on the different types of grease traps, the proper placement of the trap, how often to clean a trap, etc. To assist our customers, BWSC will provide Grease Control Logs that will monitor the ongoing cleaning of the trap.