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Service Fee Notes

(1) Water and Sewer Lien Certificate

In accordance with M.G.L. Chapter 60, Section 23B:

"...for land of less than one acre upon which there is no permanent structure, a fee of twenty-five dollars; for land upon which is situated no more than a single-family residence and outbuildings, a fee of twenty-five dollars; for land upon which is situated no more than a two-family residence and outbuildings, a fee of twenty-five dollars; for land upon which is situated no more than a three-family residence with outbuildings, a fee of twenty-five dollars; for land upon which is situated a residence for four or more families, a fee of one hundred dollars; for land upon which is situated a commercial, industrial or public utility structure, a fee of one hundred and fifty dollars; for farms, forest land and all other real property, a fee of fifty dollars. In no case shall the fee exceed one-half of one percent of the assessed value of the real estate...."

(2) Cross Connection Inspection Fee

Annual inspection is required for all double-check valve assembly type backflow prevention devices. All other types require semi-annual inspection.

(2a) Administrative Processing Fee

Where hazardous and potentially life threatening conditions exist in a commercial building requiring a cross connection inspection, the property owner, after Commission pre-approval, may engage the services of a MDEP certified cross connection inspector to perform the requisite inspection. After completion of the inspection and receipt of the report, the Commission will assess an administrative fee to process the mandatory paperwork required by law.

(3) Water Pipe Inspection

For inspections that take place during regular work hours, will be charged $259.00, inspections done outside regularly scheduled work hours (overtime), will be charged $306.00, inspections that are done on Sundays or holidays, will be charged $353.00 per connection or disconnection.

(4) Multi-day Inspection

Assessed daily while providing water and sewer inspection services on construction projects of one or more day's duration.

(5) Water Turn-off

Not applicable if account was terminated for non-payment of charges (included in Termination Notice Fee).

(6) Water Turn-on

Applicable to any account requesting water turn-on services.

(7) Termination Notice Fee

Charge for mailing and posting final termination notice and demand for payment pursuant to the Billing, Termination and Appeal Regulations of the Commission.

(8) Temporary Connection (Hydrant Permit)

The Commission currently requires a $750.00 deposit for hydrant meters issued to private contractors. The deposits are refundable upon return of hydrants less any usage fees or charges for damage to the meter. On occasion, a hydrant meter is not returned to the Commission because it has been lost, stolen or misplaced. Other times a hydrant meter may be returned with a broken, damaged or frozen insert that causes it to under-register or not register water consumption at all. In both these instances, the Commission is unable to calculate the amount of water used. Staff recommends that a standard $400.00 water usage fee be applied in these circumstances

Hydrant Meter Replacement Cost
Check Valve $100.00
Hose Cap Reducer 2 x $100.00
Hose Nipple $150.00
Hydrant Cap $240.00
Meter Insert $400.00
Hydrant Meter $1000.00
Hydrant Wrench $100.00

(9) Special Meter Test

No charge if meter is over-registering, based on American Water Works Association standards, or if Commission ordered test.

Size of Meter Test Fee
5/8-inch $280.00
1-inch $346.00
1 -inch $475.00
2-inch $560.00
3-inch or larger Cost plus Materials

(10) Construction Plans & Drawings

Maps, drawings and prints may be obtained from the Commission on request. Public agencies and Commission consultants and contractors (on bid projects only) receive maps at no charge. The cost per map is detailed below:

I. Base Maps
Type Cost
Prints $6.00/sheet
Paper Sepias $6.00/sheet
Mylar Sepias* $50.00/set plus printer’s charge
Wash off Mylars* $50.00/set plus printer’s charge
II. Water and Sewer Maps
Type Cost
Prints $6.00/sheet
Paper Sepias $6.00/sheet
Mylar Sepias Not Available
Wash off Mylars Not Available

* Sold to government agencies only

III. Digital Images
Type Citywide Area By Tile Area
1 foot resolution: (Mr. SID)
$300.00 Not Available
100' scale PDFs of
Water & Sewer Facilities
$250.00 $6.00/map tile
IV. Data Layers
Type Citywide Area By Tile Area
Personal Geodatabase $150.00
each layer
AutoCAD DXF format: Water $250.00 $5.00
AutoCAD DXF format: Sewer $250.00 $5.00
AutoCAD DXF format: Landbase $250.00 $5.00

(11) Frozen Meter Replacement

For replacement of frozen meters:

Size of Meter Replacement Cost
5/8-inch $231.00
1-inch $300.00
1 -inch $461.00
2-inch $575.00
3-inch or larger Cost plus Materials

(12) Leak Up To Owner (LUTO)

Associated cost for services based on annual contract bid.

(13) General Service Application (GSA)

In addition to the inspection fees, a deposit based on the size of the water service or fire pipe connection must accompany the GSA submission. Upon receipt of the appropriated deposit, the Commission will establish a water and sewer account and assign an account number to the property.

The following shall be required:

Water and Sewer Applications
Service Size Deposit
Less than 1-inch initial $500 and $100 each additional tap
1-inch but less than 3-inch initial $1,000 and $500 each additional tap
3-inch or greater initial $5,000 and $1,500 each additional tap
Sewer and/or Drain Only Application
All service sizes $1,000.00

(14) Hydrants

The Commission requires that hydrants used for private fire protection be purchased from the Commission at cost.

(15) Industrial Stormwater Fees

Industrial stormwater inspections are scheduled to be conducted bi-annually. The inspections are required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the prevention of pollution to rivers, lakes, streams and oceans. This is an Industrial Facility Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program Inspection Fee Schedule.

Industrial Facility Type Cost
Major Industry
(1 acre or greater)
Initial Inspection $260.00
Bi-annual Inspection $225.00
Certificate of No Exposure $115.00
Minor Industry/Business
(less than 1 acre)
Initial Inspection $150.00
Bi-annual Inspection $150.00
Certificate of No Exposure $75.00

(16) As-Built Plans

The Commission requires an as-built plan for each approved site plan. The as-built plans are to be submitted by the owner for all projects deemed complex by the Commission. All other as-built plans will be created by the Commission for a fee of $200.00 per site. The Commission will determine which site plans will require an as-built plan submitted by the owner or an as-built plan to be created by the Commission for $200.00.


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