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The illegal operation of fire hydrants is dangerous and can result in breaks and the malfunction of the hydrant when needed for fire emergencies. Keep neighborhoods safe; report open hydrants to 617-989-7000.

Discounts for Senior Citizens and Disabled Persons

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Homeowners who are 65 years of age and older, or fully disabled homeowners who live in a 1-4 family residential dwelling, are eligible for a 30% discount on their monthly water charges. Sewer charges are not eligible for the discount. Only owner-occupied, residential properties are eligible for the discount. Properties held in trust are eligible for the discount providing that the applicant is both a trustee and a beneficiary of the trust and submits a copy of the written trust instrument that has been recorded at the Registry of Deeds. Properties that are ineligible for the discount include, commercial property, and condo units.

To apply for a discount on your water portion charges, you must fill out the Discount Form, available at BWSC offices at 980 Harrison Avenue, Boston or by downloading the Discount Application form. In addition, senior citizens must provide proof of age such as a birth certificate, driverís license or MBTA senior citizen pass. For disabled persons, you must provide a doctorís note or an Award Letter from Social Security or the Veteransí Administration.

For additional information, please contact the BWSC Customer Service Department at 617-989-7800.