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A hose that does not have a shut-off nozzle can waste up to 10 gallons per minute.

Water Service Restoration

To determine how long a water service has been inactive, the property owner must first contact Boston Water and Sewer Commission’s (BWSC) Customer Service Department at 617-989-7800.

If BWSC confirms that the property’s water service has been inactive for less than 12 months, the owner must comply with the following procedures, depending on the reason why the service was inactive:

Shut off for vacancy

The owner of the property must pay off any outstanding balance on the account and then submit to BWSC a written request to restore the water service. In addition, BWSC crew will install the meter and the Meter Transmission Unit (MTU), if needed.

Shut off for non-payment

The owner of the property must pay off any outstanding balance on the account.

Shut off for illegal service

The homeowner must notify BWSC that the illegal connection has been disconnected. BWSC crew will inspect the premises.

Shut off for leaks

If BWSC determines that a water leak is the responsibility of the homeowner, the owner has fifteen (15) days to repair the leak. BWSC’s Leak Up To Owner (LUTO) Program provides assistance by repairing the leak at a reasonable cost spreading payments out in twelve (12) installments. If the homeowner, however, does not comply, the water service will be terminated. To restore water services, the homeowner must complete a General Service Application (GSA) with all supporting documents. Once BWSC has approved the GSA, BWSC will inspect the property. If you need information on the GSA, please call Engineering Customer Services at 617-989-7600.