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Most catch basins connect to storm drains that discharge the runoff without treatment to the nearest brook, river, pond or ocean. The dumping of any material such as motor oil, paint, yard clippings, pet waste and sand into a catch basin can pollute the waterways, and is illegal.

Sewer Abatement

sewer cover

Customers may be eligible for a sewer abatement if water that enters a home or building does not enter BWSC's sewer system (for example, an in-ground irrigation system, water-cooled air conditioning system, etc.). Sewer abatements allow a separate meter that is approved by BWSC to be placed on the property that registers water not entering BWSC's sewer system.

The meter is scheduled to be read on a daily basis and the customer is given a sewer credit for the amount of water registered on the abatement meter. Sewer credits are applied on a monthly basis.

To qualify for the abatement, customers must be familiar with the process. Below are a number of documents, regulations, guidelines and forms that you will need to download and print. In addition, in most cases, you will need to install a Backflow Prevention Device that will protect drinking water from contamination also known as Cross Connection Control. Cross Connection Guidelines and forms are also provided. If you need further information on sewer abatements or cross connection guidelines, please contact BWSC’s Enforcement Division at 617-989-7299.


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