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Most catch basins connect to storm drains that discharge the runoff without treatment to the nearest brook, river, pond or ocean. The dumping of any material such as motor oil, paint, yard clippings, pet waste and sand into a catch basin can pollute the waterways, and is illegal.

Meter Readings

example of water consumption charts

BWSC uses one of the most innovative technologies to read your water meter, an Automated Meter Reading (AMR) system. Completed in 2004, the system was installed in homes and businesses throughout the city. Water meters are read remotely by radio frequency, thereby eliminating estimated readings and the need for meter readers to enter your property. The AMR system is safe and secure, and the readings are consistent and accurate. If for some reason, the AMR is not working; your account will be billed using an estimated meter reading based on previous usage. Your account will be adjusted automatically when the system is operational.

Meter readings are used to calculate water consumption (and your sewer usage) for billing purposes. Customers can view their water consumption online. Daily and monthly water usage readings are listed and displayed graphically. Customers can monitor usage to evaluate personal conservation efforts, to track unusual usage patterns and to identify costly leaks. With information about leaks, property owners can take action quickly to make repairs, resulting in savings.

To view your water usage, visit the Your Account page.


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