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example of sub-meters
Example of Sub-meters

Sub-metering allows property owners to install sub-meters for residential tenants and to bill tenants for their water and sewer usage. The master water meter for the building, from which the sub-meters are connected, remains the property of BWSC and is under its jurisdiction. The property owner is responsible for the readings and any amounts billed from BWSC’s master water meter.

Effective on December 16, 2004, an act authorizing Water Sub-Metering in Residential Tenancies was signed into law. Therefore, only tenants in apartments being occupied from this date forward are eligible for sub-metering.

Sub-meters can only be used in apartments that have installed low-flow toilets, showerheads and faucets. It is the responsibility of the property owner to obtain certification of these installations from the local health department or a plumbing inspector. Property owners are solely responsible for having plumbers install, maintain and repair/replace the sub-meters as well as for reading the meters and billing the tenants, based on readings obtained from the sub-meter. BWSC will bill the property owner for the building’s water and sewer usage. It is highly recommended that the unit of water usage is the same for both the master meter and the sub-meter. BWSC measures and bills its customers in cubic feet (7.48 gallons = 1 cubic foot of water). Whatever reading method is used, it is the responsibility of the property owner to oversee the process.

It should be noted that the sum total of the sub-meters may not always equal the use measured by your master meter. This can occur because of allowable variations in meter accuracy, period of use and other factors.

All sub-meters installed should meet U.S, standards, especially for allowable percent of lead content. Tenants have the right to challenge the accuracy of sub-meters used to measure water use in their apartments.

If you are a property owner or tenant (after December 16, 2004) and would like additional information, please contact Customer Service at 617-989-7800.


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