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We Are All Connected

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Stormwater Pollution Prevention


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Residential Stormwater Pollutants

When it rains or snows, anything on the ground including chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, pet waste, automotive fluids, motor oil, and other pollutants can flow over driveways, parking lots, sidewalks and streets in our neighborhoods, then into the storm drain system, which flows directly into our brooks, ponds, rivers and into Boston Harbor. These pollutants can be harmful to water quality and the environment.

All residents, whether renters, owners, or managers can help prevent stormwater pollution by taking action!

What Can We Do?

    Scoop the Poop
  • Scoop the Poop: Pick up after dogs and throw the waste into a trash can.
  • Use Trash Cans: Place everyday items, including cigarette butts, drink containers, and lottery tickets, into a trash can or appropriate receptacle.
  • Helpful Hint: Keep a plastic bag in your car to collect trash. Pick up items discarded on the ground.
  • Clear Catch Basins: Remove leaves and trash from the tops of catch basins to help ensure stormwater flow. Report catch basins that are clogged and not accepting stormwater to BWSC for cleaning at (617)-989-7000.
  • Reduce Chemical Use: Use less pesticides and fertilizers on lawns and gardens. Switch to phosphate-free cleaning products when washing cars and use low-phosphate fertilizer.
  • Telephone
  • Report Illegal Dumping: Don’t dump household hazardous waste products, such as motor oil, paint and other chemicals into catch basins. Bring them to Hazardous Waste Days sponsored by the City of Boston. Dumping any material into the storm drains is illegal with fines up to $5,000 per day. If you see illegal dumping, report it immediately to BWSC at (617)-989-7000.
  • Report catch basins that are clogged with debris to BWSC for cleaning and report someone illegally dumping into a catch basin immediately to BWSC at (617)-989-7000.

Property Managers/Owners, Home Owner Associations (HOAs), Condo Associations

Property owners are responsible for all pollutants leaving their property. In most cases, your tenants (either residential or commercial) do not see information mailed from BWSC because only ratepayers receive important stormwater pollution information with their bill. If you would like information to share with your tenants or members of your association, please visit our Resources page, download and print the information and distribute it to your tenants. Educating everyone living in your property could avoid costly plumbing repairs and help prevent stormwater pollution.

For additional information or assistance, please contact BWSC’s Community Services Department at (617)-989-7000 or submit an online form.

We are all connected