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Water Supply Sustainability

We Are All Connected

We Are All Connected

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What Can We Do?

Where Does The Water Come From?

The clean water we drink and use for washing and cooking comes from the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA). The MWRA gets water from the Quabbin Reservoir, the Wachusett Reservoir and the Ware River.

Best of the Best

The water that comes into our homes is also "Best of the Best"! In 2014, Boston won the American Water Works Association tenth annual national tap water tasting contest. Water is one of our most important resources.

Boston Water and Sewer Commission (BWSC) sends clean drinkable water to about 88,000 active accounts. This includes residents, schools and universities, hospitals, businesses, industries, and private and public institutions. There are about 636,790 people living in Boston. Two times that number come to Boston during the workweek and use clean water including workers, students, shoppers, tourists, people going to events and conventions, hospital patients and visitors. BWSC is working to help all of us in the City understand where our water comes from and how to use it more carefully.

What Can We Do?

Together with the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, BWSC provides free water Conservation Kits to residents of Boston. We all can avoid wasting water and learn about how our older water pipes may contain lead and what we can do about replacing those pipes. We can all help to sustain and protect our water supply. Explore the Residential and Commercial sections to learn more about what we can do in our homes or businesses.

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